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Here's Techincal Question

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I keep finding Mib's with little black flakes/spots - some appear on the surface, while others are embedded - I assume that this is cause in firing of the glass and possibly ash getting into the molten glass 9if that is at all possible) anyone have a more concrete idea of what might cause this - The posted image has the best contrast (being clear/white) and an embedded spot. thanks in advance Robert


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soooo...that's 2 votes for "we don't know"

but seriously - it's easy enough to throw a MIB up and ask someone else to figure it out for you, but since I am a collector, "who likes to understand the why things are the way they are with a piece of glass" - my question stands unanswered

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I'm with Alan... It's tough enough for glass artists to keep their glass clean and clear...

In the kind of production work of marbles... Antique handmades or machine mades, there are often "inclusions." Oven brick, carbon (ash) dirt.... Whatever flew through the air in the direction of the glass??

Bev Brule's collection has a handmade with a tack in it... I have a couple of handmades with bubbles that have "stuff" moving around in them.

Production's not gonna stop for a little gunk in the pot....

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So are "inclusions" more prevalent with "Handmade" or "Machine made" or is that a moot point and simply caused as by-product of the marble making process regardless of how or when the marble is produced, thanks again for the answer

Inclusions and faults are a function of how the batch (glass) and the marbles were made.

There is a tendency among collectors to see marble making as an exacting process with an expectation of consistency. The reality is that marble making was done at the best possible speed. Handmades were limited to the speed of the multi-step process. Machine mades were a strictly volume business - with a good manufacturer producing several train boxcars every other day. Ingredients for the batch were shoveled from a pile on the factory floor. Given this - just about anything could end up in the batch. An interview with a vintage marble machine operator revealed that they enjoyed throwing small metal objects into the pot due to the flare that it would produce.

So glass can have all manner of impurities in it - given the crudeness of the manufacturing process.

There are handmades with foreign objects in them - but they are comparatively rarer (oven brick aside).

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