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Kinda Makes Ya Go Hummmmmmm

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Hi All

Just came across this on the Bay.

One would think that for grapes purple mibs

would have been used. If factory made.

And all mibs would be from the same MFG>

To me it looks like a Girl Scout project??

Or arts & crafts?

Any thoughts?



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back in the 60s there was lotsa crafts usin marbles....theres even a little phamplet with all kinds of ideas...it was magic with marbles...ill see if i can find one here on the net ...i got one but my scanner haint hooked up....and fried marbles was a fad for use in jewelry and crafts.....heres the link


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Frankly, I find the level of sexist rhetoric in this thread reprehensible . . . I mean, hey . . . Cub Scouts did arts and crafts too! LOL.

Ok. Cub Scout, Boy Scout. I wouldn't take it as high as Eagle, though . . .

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