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Azuma Brand Cat's

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Cross thru cat's of various types shows up in Arco ,Banner, Ray Gee and Sun Brand bags also. I looked at my Azuma bags and did not see any with other than the 3 color Japanese cat's-eyes. Thereare some shooter bags and the cat's-eyes can be a little odd in some of the larger sizes but outside of an oddity in the 5/8 inch size ones, that's what you'll find in the bags.

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I'd almost hope there weren't any special cats in it. I wouldn't want to be tempted to open a bag like that.

I'll take this chance to add something I'd hoped to add in another thread. Somewhere - couldn't find where - I said we probably didn't have much chance to find out the names of Japanese marble making companies. Now I realize I was wrong. I still don't know the name of the people who made Azuma cats, but I might know where the name can be found. Saw a snippet from a 1960 trade directory which had an entry for the "mfr and exp" of Azuma brand marbles, Unfortunately the company name was cut off. But there's more info out there, in English, than I suspected. Someone with a good library and the interest could probably find a lot of leads.

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