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Anyone Have An Alley Coral?


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Thanks to everyone for the pix. :-)

Mike's three are all Alley Agate Co. It has been fairly well established that the CAC corals were Alley.

David, are you ruling out Champion as a source of Corals? I had been under the impression that Champ was currently considered the main source of Corals.

I thought that Alley might have made at least some variation on corals, but usually I see them attributed to Champ.

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Al, As I understand it, Champion made the largest numbers of Corals. I would attribute the middle and right marbles in Les's pic to Champ. I do not know of any corals currently attributed to Ravenswood. And I agree that many CAC people attribute the left marble to that company. As for Alley, I am under the impression that they did not produce corals on a transparent base, but I could certainly be wrong about that.

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Ric & Kevin - makes sense. I wanted to put Les's name out there so people would know the original ID person since he was very knowledgable. But I agree with your Champion ID's on the right two. I will have to change the title on the picture when I use it in the future.

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