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Bmcc Canton Show Report


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BMCC Winter Show 02-13-2010

This is a pretty long report; it was a dynamite show with lots of sellers and lots of buyers. I’ve tried to include as much as I could but it could have easily been twice as long.

1. The 5 and ½ hour drive to the show looked pretty much like this. Consistently white. But anytime you are going to a marble show it’s always a pleasant drive.

2. I arrived at the show on Friday and was able to get in on some of the room trading of which I failed to take any good pictures of, so I’ve placed this nice BMCC graphic (which I pirated from their Site) in here to fill up the space for this series of pictures.

3. Steve “Smitty” Smith. Successful events never just happen. They are always a product of someone’s hard work, and effort. Smitty was the hard work and effort behind the scenes that brought about what I think was one of the most incredible marble shows I’ve ever attended. Thank you Smitty and congrats on a great job!

4. Brian Estepp had an interesting day. A collector that had been at the show had left to catch his flight home, when he got to the airport he realized that he had accidentally picked up someone’s keys at the show. He called Brian and asked him to make an announcement to see whose keys he had. While Brian was making the announcement the gentleman at the airport was describing the keys to him, at this point Brian realized Oh (fill in expletive!!!), the man was describing his keys. He had to send a courier to Cleveland to pick up the keys.


5. Items that Brian had on display, some vintage handmades and some of Brian Graham’s contemporary oxbloods.

6. Some more of Brian’s marbles.

7. And some more.

8. And a Morphy’s auction booklet. Not for sure why I took this picture, if you’re not familiar with Morphy’s they have some nice marble auctions.


9. Bill Bass. Bill always has a super display of marbles that he brings to the show.

10. Some of Bill’s Boxes.

11. Some handmades.

12. And some more handmades, some of these marbles are huge!


13. Mike Coyle; Mike was sporting a new head mounted optical device that looked suspiciously like the one owned by George Sourlis. Mike claims that it is really his but I intend to give George a call to see if his is missing.

14. Dave McCullough and Chris J.

15. Bruce (Triker) hanging out at the marble show.

16. Ron Shepherd chatting with Dave.


17. Ron Yutzy from Indiana braved the snow to set up at the show

18. As did Lonnie Conyers.

19. Bo Stiff came in from Arizona. I picked up a nice Master Comet from Bo.

20. Lee Linne traveled from Washington.


21. Jim O’Connell.

22. Jim had a killer handmade china, if anyone needs a bigger picture let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you.

23. Tom Rudolph had an over the top handmade.

24. A better picture of the marble being back lit.


25. Griff made it to the show...

26. Along with some marbles. The pumpkin marbles were made by Nadine. Griff had given my kids a couple of them at the Decatur show. Pretty Cool.

27. Griff had a Louisville Slugger at the show; I thought that it was protection against marble muggers or something…

28. Then he showed me it real purpose. It’s a marble case; I could see a nice Peltier “Baseball” collection being housed in this unique case.


29. Galen Wilcox traveled all the way from the West Coast.

30. Here is some of his Vacor collection.

31. Some more.

32 And even more (Vacors one and all). Nice marbles Galen :)


33. Jeff, AKA Columbusrockhound.

34. Jeff made up these super Jabo Boxes, note the date on the box, 2-8-10, he must have been hustling to get them done in time for the show.

35. Ed Parsons.

36. And some Jabo boxes the he brought to the show.


37. Kris Parke from Ohio.

38. And some of his fine handmade contemporaries.

39. Brett Young of Hot House Glass.

40. And some of his contemporary handmade marbles.


41. Julia Powel. Julia’s hand painted marbles are awesome!!! The paint that she uses is mixed with fine glass and is kiln fired so that it won’t wear off.

42. Some of Julia’s marbles.

43. Some more

44. And one last shot.


45. Tom Rink of Greene House Art Glass.

46. Some cool kaleidoscopes’ that Tom makes.

47. I tried to take a picture of the view inside of the kaleidoscopes’.

48. Another look through one of his scopes.


49. Mark Thompson from Washington, this fellow is a real hoot :)

50. A better view of some of Mark’s marbles.

51. Bob & Brandon Byard, Bob also has some great auctions on eBay under the name of vintagemarbles.

52. Some Akro Glass that Bob brought.


53. Eddies Seese…

54. And some of his fantastic marbles.

55. Craig C. also known as BuckEyeDr

56. Bob Neff, Bob is the Newsletter Editor for the West Virginia Marble Collectors Club and an all around nice guy.


57. Joe and Sammy Hogue, Sammy told me that “Joe was the one with the money but he was the one with the good looks”. As fine a gentleman as you would want to meet.

58. A nice crowd of marblers.

59. Joe Wilkinson. The following is an account of how Joe W. (almost) lost his marbles. As the showing was nearing its end Joe asked me to keep an eye on his table so that he could walk around and see what everyone had before they packed it in. While he was out looking around the gentleman to the left of him started packing his stuff up. Joe had two bubble packs of marbles that were sitting near the fellows stuff who inadvertently picked them up and packed them away. When Joe got back he looked at his stuff and said “have you seen my bubble packs?” I thought that he was messing with me and I told him no and kind of smiled as if to say “nice try but I ain’t falling for it”. Then he looked at me and I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t kidding around and he said “are you messing with me?” At that point everyone standing close started franticly looking around for two bubble packs of marble. The only problem was there wasn’t anywhere to look, I was for sure no one had picked anything up from his table but since I had accepted responsibility for watching his table I was starting to panic. I kind of just stood there like the proverbial deer in the headlights. At that point the man in the red cap discovered the bubble packs in his stuff and everyone sighed with relief (I wanted to hug the fellow as I had been standing there thinking that a couple of years of my marble allowance had just been spent.) I think that I may have actually did a jig I was so relieved :)

60. Joe’s (almost) lost marbles.


61. What better way to end a day than going to the Winking Lizard for a bite to eat?

62. Carl & Chris J.

63. Galen Wilcox., giving me the stink eye. Something to do with me calling his marbles Vacors.

64. Smitty.

65. “Winky” The Winking Lizard.

66. Check out Winkys digs. Trees, television all the free hors d’oeuvres he can eat, that lizards living large.


If you made it to the end thank you for looking, you can check out some more Marble Show Reports here at joemarbles.com.

I don’t want to get anyone confused with the ID of Galen Wilcox’s marble. The marbles are obviously not Vacors, I was just pulling Galen’s leg. They are really some extremely nice foreign made Imperials, probably the nicest group of them that I’ve ever seen.

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Wow Joe! As always, that is an awesome report! I love the pics and details (and the humor)

I'm sure it is nice, for those who were unable to attend, to be able to get a glimpse of the show.

And the winking lizard was slimy, yet satisfying! Just kidding, animal lovers!

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Thanks for a great report and pics,Joe..since I could not make it this year, was nice to read and see.

Anyway, that Wed when I would have left, we were getting clobbered with 18 more inches of snow to the already 20''

on the ground.. so could not have even gotten out if I had planned to go...

Smitty ALWAYS does a great job and YES for the AUG. show...

Thanks again


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Joe!! You are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for all that work. You do a GREAT job!!!

(Does everyone realize how much freakin' WORK that is??)

Hey Di, hope your dug out!!! Maybe, if I start now, I can pull off the August show?? We'll talk in June!!! ;)

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Joe,you need to go a little deeper,with the investigative reporting.

The Louisville Slugger,bat,marble case was a VERY POWERFUL,negotiating tool,when buying.

"What do you mean,you wouldnt take $3 and a fish fillet for that,mint,3/4 golden rebel?" :fighting-163:

Im thinking I could get some "free" ones,if I make a case out of a gun stock! :rolleye-842: BAH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Thats a GREAT report on the show,Joe.(as usual)

Thanks again!!!!

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