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Hey Everyone,

ITs been a long time since Ive been active on the boards. Ive been over in Iraq for over a year now and have been planning on building a bigger and better glass shop, with a "hotel" type of living quarters attached for those who are from out of town and would like to hang out for a weekend.

We will probably break ground sometime in July after my vacation.

I have a lot of new and original ideas for marbles that will be turning the marble world upside down and will be having everyone asking, "how on earth did he do that?".

So on that note, Ill be in touch, have questions feel free to email me: rlaubs at yahoo dot com.

Ray Laubs

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AWESOME Ray!!!!!! Absolutely Awesome!!!

Hey... I had this long response all done up on Facebook and I lost it before it posted... :evil-grin-smileys-111:

I just haven't had time to figure out Facebook yet...

The basic jist was...

Hey, We're GOOD!! I'm worried about you!! And, I hope Sandy & Becky are doin' OK... But, it MUST be scary!! How long before your home to stay???

Well.... I guess I got my answer!!! Are you home yet?? It's great to hear from you!!

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Not home yet, currently sitting near the Iran border. Soon enough though. Family is fine thank you.

Fishing? did I hear fishing? sure there can be guided tours, well I know this fellow just north of me who would be more than willing to give a tour, if you could ever reach him while he is out fishing.

Oh I have some doozy shop plans. Im chomping at the bit to get on with the program. Wishing I could come out and tell everyone but cant right just yet its the surprise thing !

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Hey Ray,

I have been gone for a long time too (we moved to Virginia), and just checked the site today! Sounds like you have some big plans! My kids still love the sulfides you made with their names in them! Great marbles for sure! Have a safe trip home, thank you for going, and for your service. All the best! Maggie

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