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Ot: Anyone Into American Idol??


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I know...... Ya either love it or hate it!!

'Sorry, as hokey as it may be, I love it!!!

So... If you hate it, I'm sorry to bring it up!!

But, if your into it, you know, there's 2 girls going home this week after the top 12 performed last night... Since it's kinda early to look at winners (And the guys have yet to show)

Any thoughts on whose gonna be 2 of the first 4 out??

Here's a link to the performances.... Top 12 Girls

I'm callin' Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown OUTTA HERE!!!

I feel so bad to call Haeley... She's so cute and so young... But, I'm afraid she's just not ready for this..... :(

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I Wish! We don't get Fox! argh. I loved it when we got it. Totally hooked on Cowell. Would be again I'm sure. He's fun. I used to spurn reality TV. But I finally watched Survivor for the first time last fall. Now I can hardly wait for Thursday. :rolleye-842:

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"Planet Earth",type of programming for me.Discovery,ect.

No,"reality shows,"cause there not.

Ellen's a cry baby!----See's a little bit of oil color,on Winnie,and raises a big stink.Want too ban all boats.

You would have thought it was Valdez,,,,,,,,,,,

Good talent and out takes.

I have to peek at it,everynow and again,thanks to my other half.

Its good to have 3 living rooms in the house,and a shop out back.TV is about the same everywhere.72 channels of absolutly nothing on,,,,,

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Aw Griff! Lighten up. I don't have TV either but once Idol gets a head of steam you can't deny some of them young voices. Reality TV I'm with you all the way; it's a non-starter. Just check out some of those clicks available in 'onemorepatty's' Thread WAY OFF TOPIC. That will put you spinnin' David

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But I mighta thought you had a chance, Sue, with someone named popculturizm.

Steph, you read my mind!!!! ROFL

(PS.. You can catch a lot of it online...)

I didn't have a TV for years and I wouldn't miss one now!!! LOL

But, living within a family does require compromises and it's hard not to get sucked in....

So far........ I'm pretty disappointed in Idol this year... I usually have a couple of very clear favorites by now.

I have a couple that I'd be dissappointed to see kicked this early (Two already have been) but no clear "killer" choices, this year...

It seems the best voices are so terribly inexperienced that they haven't got a clue as to what to do with it... I really wish I could have seen what both Tyler Grady and Jermaine Sellers could have done with more coaching...

ANYWAY... I was just curious to see how many were into it... If it's going to be an annoying thread, let's let it go......

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So far, Crystal seems to be the clear front runner... I do really like her...

I just wonder if she can break out of the "Subway Singer" mold... We'll see.

She's one of those artists that I love to see there... But, I realize she's not gonna want to bend into the mainstream pop-py kind of crap that AI will push her towards. I expect she'll go far, but we can only hope she gets the exposure she needs, then won't win, so she can stay true to herself...

It definitely looks like a "Woman's Year" this year... The last 2 years have been strong for the men...

I'm REALLY hoping Siobhan Magnus pulls through to top 12... She's a diamond in the rough...

I like Lilly Scott, so far... But, she may get really annoying after a while... Or, not....

Katie Stevens has an AMAZING voice... Maybe even the BEST voice... But, she's so damned YOUNG!!!

I think they should up the age to 18... If kids like Katie & Haeley can get this far and then get kicked because they just don't "Know who they are" yet... I worry that it's too much too soon and might break their spirit... Or, force them into a mold that isn't natural for them. It KILLS me to see Simon tell a 16 year old kid something to the effect of, "You have to decide who you want to be as an artist and you have to do it soon, to stay in this competition!!"

Heck, a guy at 16 hasn't even gotten used to his voice yet!!! LOL

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Id rather make fun of Al Lindner,bragging up some 11 inch yellow perch,on lake Erie.



Not realy,,,,,,,just had to slip in a poke!-LOL


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