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Wheaton - Marble Weekend 2010

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I've never attended this particular show, but have friends who have. I've been told that there are mostly contemporary artists. The overall impression was that it is generally a good time and my friends were pleased that they went....

I grew up in that area and would like to attend when my schedule doesn't conflict...I will say that the area is a beautiful place and rich with history..


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I have been several times. It is 90+ percent contemporary marbles. It is a very enjoyable time.

It does suffer from two key problems:

1. The venue (WheatonArts) does not promote the show at all. You are left to find out about the show on your own. They have been uncommitted to the show in the past - canceling it without a clear reason.

2. The adjacent hotel fills up VERY early - and the next nearest hotel is not nearby. The hotel always has weddings - and the wedding party fill the hotel months in advance. I think it could make a great combined contemporary/vintage venue - but the adjacent hotel cannot support that.

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I've never missed a Wheaton show.... Until 2009 when they decided to cancel it.... :fighting-163:

All that Alan says is true... If your into contemporary, it's Mecca!! Although, there is a glass museum on grounds that is always a great walk-through of antique glass... They've been working on a marble exhibit, but it has a long way to go...

There are a lot of issues with the way it's run... Those who care to keep it going well aren't in control of the funding... Those in control of the funding apparently don't see marbles as important to the workings of the museum... It seems as if the management communication is lacking in a HUGE way ...

Wheaton Arts also hosts a paperweight gathering in May, every 2 years... I think the paperweight group is more "club organized" and handles a lot of the planning on their own... We may need to start thinking about getting a "core group" together to work in that direction, if this is going to continue.

It's also very true that this would be an AMAZING place to run a show that could showcase both contemporary and vintage marbles... BUT, the country Inn is way too small for that... There are things growing in the area that make me wonder if they will ever consider expanding??

This year, the Marble Weekend will be June 18-20 (Father's Day <_< )

It will be the first year of the Marble Weekend since the opening of the New Jersey Motorsports Park... The last time I was there, the hotel seemed to think that would make getting reservations even more difficult than before... This will be the second season for the park. I wonder how it's working out? Could that lead to the need for more space?? That would be cool!!

There is a Quality Inn and a Holiday Inn not too far away... Certainly not walking distance... But, not far by car...

I would recommend... Anyone even remotely thinking about going... Book a room NOW!! (Be sure to mention the Marble Weekend, as a "block" of rooms are put aside... It's best to talk directly to the Millville Desk, rather than the general "reservations center" for Country Inns) And, if they are booked, get on a waiting list. There usually are some cancellations as plans change for those who do book early... I've had my reservations for over a month!!

I believe there is also a change in cancelling reservations... It always used to be, no charge for cancellations made 24 hours before arrival... I think that has changed to 72 hours... So, if you should happen to have to cancel... Do it early!!

In all past shows, there has been a "Featured Artist." Since the museum funded the entire trip for the artist to be there, this was considered one of the big expenses for running the show... It's been suggested that they stop doing that... The Marble Weekend Page on the website doesn't mention a featured artist.... yet.... So, we'll see how this year plays out....

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Good morning

I will be going to the Wheaton Show. My Patriotic marbles are anxious to be shown:>)) (They were sad they there was no show last year.) Maybe the show will now be an every two year show. That is better than no show at all.

Sure hope to see many of the artists from the last show.

Enjoy your day-- all day heavy rain and winds here in southeast PA.


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