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Ot: Stuff People Who Like Animals Need To Know!!


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As much as I love animals, I've never been able to be comfortable with PETA....

I guess, maybe because they are just so rabid in a "Superior to Thou" way. And then do really STUPID things to totally contradict their entire platform...

Like the guys who broke into a rare mink farm.... OK, the animals were being raised for their fur.... And, I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll find ways to show that they are abused...

This doesn't make sense to me... I've seen a lot of truly abused animals in the past 3 years and none of them have nice thick perfect coats... Nice enough to want to make a coat out of!!

Soooo, how terribly abused can these animals be?? OK yeah.... They are not allowed to live in their natural habitat, where they are considered a "food product" and live in constant terror...

They are euthanized, rather than being torn apart and eaten alive!!! Poor things....

So, these guys break into the mink farm and release all these rare minks into the wild where they died of starvation, predators or were killed running across the nearby highway....

All of this is just dumb to me....

BUT..... From the viewpoint of someone who works for a shelter where heartworm is treated at great expense, senior dogs are given a focus for adoption and no animal is put down unless they are terminal and suffering (We have hospice fosters for those who are terminal, but not suffering) or have gone through MONTHS of behavioral work and are still found to be a serious danger to the public....

This hypocrisy BURNS MY BUTT!!!!

PETA Policy

Yes... I understand there are FAR too many abandon pets out there to ever find homes for and the "ethical" means to this end may be euthanasia for SOOOO many!!!

If there has to be shelters that handle this, at least let's be honest about it!!!

But, for these people to be acting in the "High and Mighty" way they do... Making public spectacles of people for idiotic reasons... Then, to find out this is what they quietly do...

The REAL people for ethical treatment of animals are way too busy feeding, grooming, cleaning crapped up cages, transporting and loving animals that just need a bright spot in their lives, to spend a moment picketing the Olympics, or threatening Johnny Weir's life for a teeny piece of fur on his shoulder!!!

'Sorry for the rant.... ;-)

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Hey!!!I hope your not refering to the Pennsylvania or New Hampshire,chapter of Peta,That I am the president of!People Eating Tasty Aminals.I am also the president of the FRC (Fillet and Release Club).---lol

Peta,kills more animals than anyone.Thats a fact.

I just loved there "Sea Kittens",term,for an anti-fishing campaign.What ever they were smokin,must have been laced with some bad stuff.

Theres a whole slue of these type of organizations Id love to slam.

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