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Two Contemps To Id

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OK let's see......the only Contemporary Marble Artist that I know of that made a sulphide using the same Polar Bear figure is Kris Parke, out of Cortland, Ohio. Now, Kris learned how to make sulphide marbles from the great Andy Davis, also from Ohio (West Farmington). Since Kris began making marbles approximately 2004 or 2005, my guess is that these sulphides are not his, but could very well be Andy's. If I judged strictly by the green & white background's on these pieces, I might suggest glass artist Joe Rice, a nephew of Joe St. Clair. All speculation of course, but good guesses I'm sure.

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I sent pictures to Bob Block and this was his answer

These sulphide figures were made and painted at Gibson Glass (I'm pretty sure). They were used by Gibson Glass, St. Clair, and House of Glass in Indiana. Later by Jim Davis. St. Clair usually signed his marbles, and the green flash was usually not used by him. So, I would say Gibson, mainly because I don't recall seeing that green flash in any HOG marbles or weights.


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