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Peltier Bracelet

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LOL @ Pee Wee's.

Sorry, I'm on a teeny laptop. No photo enlarging skillz on this one. :(

. . . but I do have ebay search skillz, and here's a little bigger pic:

. . . uh, I apparently don't have pasting skills. have to rename the photo. brb

*pant pant pant* tada!


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I don't know about who manufactured them... But, Pelts or solid color seem to be the "usual." I wonder if they manufactured that peewee size for the jewelry, or were they used for the jewelry because Pelt made the peewee size??

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I beleive the Peltier Peewees had multiple uses, they were used in old games (I have seen and bought several different vintage games that have the peewees in it), they were used to amke the jewelry pieces and also sold in craft stores ( I once bouight a box of about 400 Peltier peewees from a person who said they came out of Aunt's old closed craft store), and they were even sold to laboratories as at an Indiana show in 2002 I saw a box full of them in an original box from Peltier company with shipping label to a laboratory(probably for packing of distillation columns and as boiling beads in flasks). I imagine they were also sold for other industrial uses as I found a small Peltier in a water valve (which I gave to a great Peltier collector (Guy).

Here are a few of my jewelry pieces I have shown before - didn't look close enough and realize this was a bracelet or I might have bid :-). I did see it....









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