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Pelt Rainbo Question

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Teal is a tough one. You don't hear that color often. Dave McCullough sent me five marbles from the Madyia II run that he described as 'light teal' and less than 5000 of them made. I dunno, when you're talking 5000 "less than" hardly covers it! As you may have determined by now I have no idea how to answer your question; thought I'd just bumble around and confuse you all the more. David

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LOL David, just what I need, more confusion...LOL

Teal seems like an unusual but attractive color in regards to marbles.

Thanx Steph for the picture. I don't recall seeing any posted when folks put up rainbo's and wondered if they are either too common or not so common...which one?

I had also noticed there wasn't much as far as purple in pelts on that site....wassupwiddat?

:-) Felicia

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Might open the conversation up if you asked about blue-green based pelts in general, then draw your own conclusions about the green end of the range.

I woulda thought that there were "plenty" of rainbos in that general area. But narrowing it down to a specific shade? I couldn't try it. Not enough rainbos. And not enough comfort with specific shade names.

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