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Unknown Sparkler

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I got this from my son,he got these from a lady in her 50's and she played with them.

It's 1.1/8 of an inch.

They look like a sparkler type but are different from the German sparklers.

Is there someone who knows something about them,or maybe have the same marbles?




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Thanks folks,I like em too.

Strang thing is I never saw them before and now i've this whole group and know nothing about them.LOL

I have many German sparklers but these are different they are more swirling while the German sparkler looks more tight.



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I think yours are some colorful swirly examples, Winnie. Here's some from another post, also around the same size but with really notable "orange peel" surface.

I've got a couple similar ones, but less colorful/swirly. Did these come in Camel boxes or was that a different type?


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Any of the German Sparklers I've seen have all been of a smaller size and decidedly different in appearance than these that you have come up with Winnie. Yours might just be a first surfacing of this style and size. Then any minute I'm sure someone will chime in and offer a like example with provenance. That's the way it works. But I suspect this is the first time these have been brought to the attention of quite a few people. David

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