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Id Help Needed

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They are definitely, for sure, Vitro Agate parrots. Hope they're in great shape.

Thank-You very much "Sissy" I will take your word for it,cool-smileys-262.gif and like I said that was my opinion too... Thanks Again... "Gene"

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Good Morning Gang...

cool-smileys-262.gif Just wanted to let you know, I won these Parrots last night, and they will be shipped today... The seller was selling them on consignment and she and the owner know nil about marbles... It cost me $173.00, not to bad...


Here is a real peach I picked up a few days ago... Should be in todays mail...

Hey Steph... Polly want a cracker??? A little parakeet...


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Look at the description of the Parrots... Akro Superman Corks???

I've exchanged emails with Lisa the seller... She assures me the marbles are like new... She received several emails from do-gooders, advising her she had Vitro's not Akro's, and she opted to leave it the way it was, and just offer a full refund plus postage if the winner wasn't happy... Very nice lady...


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I'm not right up to the minute on values on these five Parrots but what you're looking at is at least $100 each or thereabouts. I'm fully receptive to being corrected on this shot from the hip. David

Not really sure David... I am to new to the Vitro's... I was mainly interrested in Akros and Peltiers... I do have 8 parrots now, and one little parakeet... LOL

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I hope the seller knows to wrap each separately so they don't rub against each other or worse.

I'd ask them specially!

Have already spoke to her, she told me to rest assured on the packing... No two marbles will touch...

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Pop, these are what I know as parakeets. They are in the neighborhood of 3/4 inch and are fewer in number than parrots.

Where can I find the discription of a Parakeet and a Parrot??? We need to do some investigating here...

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I'll go get Ron's descriptions of Parrot. They're historically based.

Parakeets - I think they might mean different things to different people. Well, what doesn't? But parakeets maybe more than some other names mean different things to different people.

Be right back.

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Oooh, actually Ron does mention parakeets here. I mainly remembered this one for the size discussion, about Mr. Lemon of Vitro saying the goal was a 1" marble. But 3/4" and up would count. I have another classic quote also referencing Mr. Lemon. I'll get that next. I'll be putting it 2nd because it's longer but it's actually the most referenced quotation.

Parrots-again,what Blaine Lemon told me. He was Vitro plant manager and parrots were his favorite marble. He always had them in his bib overall pockets. Blaine said his goal was a 1 inch four color marble not including white,but 100% coverage did not always happen. Some would have the white base showing.

Some parrots are patch pattern and some in the bigger sizes are swirl pattern. Some will have white and some will not. Many people include white as one of the colors (thats fine with me). For me a good parrot will show no white and have 4 colors. Sizes range from 3/4 to 1 inch. If the green has aventurine that is another plus. The parakeets are the same type marble,same colors,most all patch type,same looks,just smaller size 5/8-9/16-11/16. The is not much mistake about id of a good parrot or parakeet.

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Other quotation from Ron, dedicated to Mr. Lemon of Vitro.

I will do this again for an old friend,who always looked me up at the local shows. Blaine Lemon was plant manager for Vitro Parkersburg for many years, before Louie Moore. Everytime i saw Blaine he had four to six parrots in his bib overall pocket,and he was proud to show them. The parrots were his favorite Vitro marble. I ask Blaine what was a true parrot. He answered Quote"For a parrot our goal was a white base with FOUR colors on the surface with no white showing,but that is difficult, so many had some white showing. White was not one of the four colors because it is the base color. " Many of the parrots only ended up with three colors because the fourth color of glass in the tank would run out or go empty,thus a three color shooter. When the third color ran out,then it was a two color shooter.

Just because a color ran out in the tank or furnace due to,amount of colored glass,temp,feeding problems,etc,the machine and tank was not stopped or shut down,it would just be swithced to another type,style,color,etc. This switch is where the unusual or odd marbles happens and makes them difficult to ID. During the switch there may be a gallon of marbles made or twenty gallon,depending on how long it takes to get everthing correct,(temp,flow,cutters,rolls,etc) for the type glass or marble wanted. Most of these marbles ended up in the ground at or near the site. Although several of these marbles during switches would be super good,colors and patterns mixing,but almost always were unable to duplicate it again.

Very little 100% dealing with marbles,24hr. shifts,and cheap labor without quality controls,especially night shifts.

For Blaine and myself a Vitro parrot will be four colors and not include white,and the best ones will have no white showing.

The aventurine in some parrots was not a requirement or intentional. It sometimes came from the cullet being used,or a previous run.

These were marbles for PLAY, for children and at the lowest price possible,with what was avialable at that particular week or month.

Blaine Lemon deceased

Thanks Blaine

Ron S.

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I think the issue, is actually the size of the mibs... The Parrots being 3/4 to 1" and the Parakeets being smaller then 3/4...

Yep, size is the issue for a lot of the discussions.

Your marble doesn't look to me like the same family though. Some might call it a parakeet, but it doesn't really look like a small parrot to me. Make sense?

So I would shy away from the name. Yours looks like it could be older. Elite might be what some other collectors would call it. I shy away from that name also, but it might apply.

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I found this, it's from Marblealan...


Arguably the most popular Vitro Agate marble is the

Parrot, so named because it usually contains four or more colors. These marbles are white-based and have colors brushed on the surface; sometimes one or more of these colors form a "V" and the better formed the more valuable the marble becomes. Common colors on a Parrot include red, lavender, yellow, green, black, and light blue, and sometimes different shades of one particular color. Sometimes the green patches will contain aventurine. Parrots tend to be large, at least 3/4" and up to 1". More recently, Vitro-Agate produced a smaller version containing many of the same colors but which are veneered. These have been dubbed "Parakeets" by some collectors.

This marble is slightly under 5/8"...







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