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Willie's Vitro's And A Few Others

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Just thought it was time to put in a plug for Willie. This man is one of the best collectors and ID-ers out there.

Anyway here are a few of his Vitro's. He had these displayed at the last Texas Marble show and won first place!!

I need to show them in four different posts to get all of them. Remember these were all in one giant case!


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These were just a few odd balls he had laying around since I had my camera with me.

Check out the blue on that handmade!

The lutz is amazing!!

Hey, don't forget to check out Willie's fantastic Buttermilks I added to the 'Vitro Buttermilks' thread. Totally awesome!!




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Did he bring out his swirl boxes for you? I cannot remember the count but,i know that i looked at boxes of swirls for hours. Willie was one of the many highlights of my trip to TX. He did part with one large Alley to come back to WV. Looking forward to the next time Willie.

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He is finally displaying his collection in display cabinets and lawyer's bookcases.

Yes I've seen his swirls. Many of them used to be mine! lol

His CAC and NLR swirls in particular are to die for. I'll bet he didn't show up with those.

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