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I have a bunch of Pelt's bananas in the large collection of marbles...I know that the mibs pictured here are called bananas but what I am wondering is if some have aventurine in them...I have several green ones that have darker streaks of greeen in them. I also have pictured here two of a few that I have that have streaks of transparent color on the surface or near the surface of the banana(like the yellow banana pictured with the blue steak running from pole to pole) or another color - like opaque red in the banana itself. Anybody know about banana's with a whisp of color or aventurine??


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Pinx? where are you?

She has some odd bananas. I might have some of her pix saved. I'll look. But it would be cool of course if she beat me to it. :)

One of the weirdest bananas I remember was white with a red dot in it, if I recall that correctly. Not sure whose that was.

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