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Gettin Ready For A Marble Show


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The first time.....if it is your first can be somewhat overwhelming. Not so much getting ready but when you walk into the first room and feel like you could empty your bank account in the first 5' of table space. Bring good lights...pen lights are nice, loupe, blacklight, money, calipers, mo money....don't forget your clothes oh and did I say money? lol I went to the bank twice during my first show, my limit somehow grew. confused-smileys-327.gif

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Ya just tell them there's marbles in it. we always get the usual 'funny' comments about marbles... i always tell them if they want to open cases, please do so where they won't fall anywhere! we have never had a problem. :-)

I am packing up some really fun stuff this time... for sale. but i never know what people are looking for(except steve and paul.lol)

anybody want to post their 'want list'?

i need at least a 3 color 1" cork to fill a space that's in a display...

see y'all in a day or 2!

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