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Contemporary Machined Oxblood Fears.

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A lot of concern about the vintage look alike oxblood marbles coming out of the Jabo plant. Here's an example. http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item5d2bee91e1

This is one of the closest examples, and the listing is leaving it open. They are pre-Odyssey tank wash marbles. I'm pretty sure the seller knows what He's got there, based on his Akro experience, and recent involvement with Jabo, seen in his other listings. However, he's way off on run names. I think the four color Jabo is actually from the Tribute 1" run, but I could be wrong. He obviously has a bunch of Odysseys listed as Joker first run.

Anyway, my point is, the fear of modern machined oxblood marbles, tainting the vintage pool is somewhat valid, but it's my firm belief, that any seasoned collector can see the difference, especially if they've studied Jabo marbles. It's the Newbies that may fall victim.

Watch out for the New Decade Silver Oxbloods. They're a toughie. Especially the ones where the ox is laying on the surface. About 5% are really close. Some of the patterns are not discernible, so magnification on the surface is the way to tell.

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He knows what they are.He knows where he got them.


SEND HIM A MESSAGE,,,,,,,,,,pssst,,,tell him I said so.

I said it before,and Ill say it again.Dont blame the marbles.

Even basic knowledge about pattern,and color should send you away from an akro identification.

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Its realy thick hear!---Im too close!,,,,and down wind!YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,,,,,

Cliff has been dealing akro for how long now,and he "thinks"they are akro?

I wouldnt put it past him,that his brother put them in an auction,trying to make a buck,and cliff bought them,just to cover his "story".

He probably wonders why I dont stop in and visit him,anymore,,,,,,,,,

Right here is the precise reason,,,,,,,,,

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