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Beri Fox On National Tv Tonight!!!!!1


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I'm not a marble manufacturer - but it rings odd to me that the primary thing which is hurting U.S. marble manufacturing is foreign imports. I would think that it would be the fact that U.S. children largely stopped playing marbles in the 1960s.

Now if one is primarily manufacturing paint can agitators (as mentioned in the piece) by the wholesale ton at 28 cents/lb - then I don't know much about that market. But those aren't marbles in my opinion... they are now glass spheres.

I have no idea if a U.S. marble manufacturer can keep its door open making industrial items in the face of rising costs, government regulations etc. I believe that the days of kids playing marbles are gone - not to return. This lends some perspective to what marble collectors have available to them today.


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What others are there, Griff? I suppose you could include Jabo, but they're not really manufacturing any more, are they? I was under the impression that it was just the special runs nowadays, and that's more for collectors than for distribution. Are there others I'm missing?

I wound be inclined to agree with Beri regarding the imports. If companies are importing marbles into the US, than clearly they're selling those marbles. No, it's not the popular product it once was. But they're selling one way or another, and every imported marble sold is one native marble not sold.

Personally, my beef with her is that she had several opportunities to advertise the National Marble Tournament, and blew them all. She's the president of the committee, so she really should be concerned with things like that. All it would have taken is maybe five seconds to give us a shout-out.

Oh, and regarding her mentioning Obama's health care... can we not talk about that? I think it'd be a lot nicer here if politics weren't discussed. :P

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NO NO NO!!!-------Dont want a discussion,about Obama care.

What struck me on that topic,was that She said it was good for her,and the company,,,,and at the very end,for her employees.Ill have to listen to it again.


Im not sure what defanition your useing for manufacturer.-----Jabo is a manufacturer of marbles that is currently making marbles.Thats it for me,as far as defanition.

Agreed:No mention of the national tourn.?That would have been the first thing out of my mouth,when it was said about kids not playing marbles.

Could have been an "On tv,and nervous moment" for her.I dont know,,,ya know.I would think that would have been a strong discussion point.Gotta remember,it was on tv.Might have been some pre-determined do's and dont's for Berry.

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Whoops! Jabo is also making marbles,and that paint can marble could also be a Jabo. I agree with Griff,nerves or something,not the normal Beri.

I hope Marble King and Jabo keep the rolls turning,but they both need the help of our(USA)support. The playing field is way out of level.

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