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What Materials Can Sulphides Use?


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If memory serves me, all of the old sulphides use clay figures. I know that only certain materials can be encased in glass due to their cooling rate, but what other substances can be put into sulphides? Any gems? Metals? Perhaps even a iron-sulfide sulphide could be made?

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I agree with Galen.

I've seen opals (synthetic?) used inside marbles to good effect. And metal. I don't know what terminology is used for that type of inclusion.

I believe the word sulphide refers specifically to the clay figures. I did some research for how the name "sulphide" came into use. My best guess so far, obtained with the help of some paperweight collectors, is that it came to us from the French, as "sulfure", in the early part of the 1900's.

Inlaying porcelain in glass appears to go back to the late 1700's. Other items such as ivory go as far back as 1584.

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A little more pure "FWIW":

The reference to sulfur might, strong emphasis on might, might refer to the way the porcelain figures were made. Or how they were made in the early days. How the molds were made for shaping the figures.

Part of the process of molding them might have involved sulfur. Here is the title of a work from 1775, "A catalogue of impressions in sulphur of antique and modern gems from which pastes are made and sold".

That appears to be purely a catalog. Not describing method. Just letting people know what figures were available.

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