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Polished Sulphide?


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Hey Everyone -

I've been collecting sulphides for awhile, but would appreciate input from anyone on this thread who knows sulphides well. I recently purchased a Jenny Lind sulphide. During the auction I asked the seller whether it was polished, as it has as mint a surface as I have ever seen on a sulphide. The seller said no, it was not polished. He added that the marble had been in his family for many years, and was a "show" shulphide, meaning that the original makers had done things like smooth the pontil to make it look very smooth.

I've seen (and own) several polished sulphides, and this is either polished, or one of the most mint original surface marbles I have ever seen. I've attached a few shots - I would appreciate input from anyone on what they see OR any tips to determine whether a marble has been polished.



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