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Here's My Wild Christmas


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post-2279-129304656712_thumb.jpgHeres some I bought from a guy in middletown Ohio.Looks like some good ones in there. That handmade german that is all banged up is 2 1/4 inch ghost core think I will send to Rich and see if he can save it so Rich when you see this give me a price on restoring it. Will be putting some on here to get opnions as to what they are I all ready know what most are but there are a couple could use some help with. If you see any you want closer pics let me know. Thanks
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Sweet little slag. The blue and white one does look Alley. The whole group is promising....numerous companies represented. I'm afraid that the biggie is beyond the pale looking like it's almost ready to cave in on itself. Be interesting to hear what Rich thinks about it from your photo perspective. But the group of machine mades looks like a lot of fun. David

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