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Furnace Pieces


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One of the jars I got this last summer was filled with close to a hundred marbles with furnace chips in them. I've got a few questions about these marbles, since I currently know next to nothing.

1) The jar was labeled "poor man's sulphides," though I doubt this is the proper name. Do these marbles have an official name?

2) The marbles in the jar are all clear and transparent-blue. Given that these were accidents (I think), I assume that the furnace pieces could show up in any marble. Are clear and blue simply the most common?

3) The only time I've ever seen a Poor Man's Sulphide marble priced was an individual, clear one (standard 5/8ths) at $15. I would consider this high, but the truth of the matter is that I don't know. What are these worth?

post-2769-129315448515_thumb.jpg post-2769-129315449447_thumb.jpg

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There is not enough of these around to have a following, and they don't really have the shelf appeal to stand on their own merits. From that I would guess they have rather nominal value separately.

I would think they would have more value left together as a collection. Somebody took the trouble to collect these from 2 or more marble runs, or perhaps made them intentionally. As such, they are an interesting curiosity, even intriguing.

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A sparkler with a furnace brick in it? That is so rock'n! Any chance you could post a pic here?

I have a larger marble with furnace brick in it somewhere, but it's nothing too fancy. The blue ones from the jar are quite pretty, though.

The marbles were all from a dig a while back. I wasn't on the dig, so I can't say too much about them, but that's the origin of them at least.

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Have to admit that the promotional name "Poor Man's Sulphides" was rather inventive. Unfortunately it is a common occurrence and often irritatingly so. Still, there are people who get off on marbles with oven brick. David

I would call them internal flames ?? but I have been know to but just because of the oven brick in side as it then take just a common marble and makes it stand out a little . Mike

The only one bought separately because of the oven brick


others just the luck of the bunch bought.








I think I am just getting off on pictures of marbles

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