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Cac Help/opinion Asap!


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Hi everyone,

The marble on the left I won on the bay, took two weeks to arrive but whatever....Anyway it is 11/16" has two cut marks, the colors are baby blue, brown, elect orange, purple(lavender) It has an as made fold at one "end" and an area of what I can only refer to as mottling (almost like orange peel) adjacent to that fold that covers 5 cm circle or so. The electric orange when compared to known is not quite correct in its crispness. But all of it fluoresces correctly and the orange even does in some areas too. Being 11/16 it is a little big for a striped opaque and to be honest the mottling has me concerned that it is torch made. I got as good of pictures that I could get of these, please any and all opinions are welcome!... there is a return policy, but it is soon!

Thanks Again,





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it looked good from the pics on ebay, but they were muted and far away....looks like I will only buy higher end mibs from reputable dealers, and to that effect, maybe only from people I know at shows....I was getting the bug though! Thanks for the info


Good idea. Ebay is so hit and miss. But there is always the shot at getting a great deal on a great marble.....so its kind of alluring.

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