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Nat'l Line Rainbos Were Introduced In 1928?


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I just reread this article from 1955. It says Peltier introduced "Rainbows" in 1928. Mike also mentioned that date once in connection with Pelt's "agates". So is this a pretty solid date for the NLR's?

Posted a while back by joemarbles:

(pretty big, might need to click twice for full size)



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It is difficult to take it as a solid reference or proof of any historical fact. However, it is a good starting point. Still leaves out the question, if the noted Rainbows are earliest produced by Peltier or Miller swirls date these back. Thanks for showing it Steph. I enjoyed reading it.


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Well, the info might have come straight from Sellers Peltier. Supposedly some of the marbles did. And some from Berry Pink.

But even marble company owners have been known to make mistakes about things which happened 3 decades earlier. So I still approach the info with caution.

Here's the rest of the article joemarbles posted:


(The article gets the date wrong for when the first marble machines were made.)

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Yeah, I think it's a challenge to figure out what to take away from it. DID Pink or Sellers know something about those handmade marbles we don't know? Or did they maybe not understand how the handmades were made?

And what about those "first American glass marbles"?

Also we've discussed that line of weird "cat's eyes" before - at length in at least one past thread - after which I think people walked away without feeling there were answers. But someone mentioned they might actually be what were called cat's eyes back then, maybe the ones Vacor made in the 1940's. So there might be more good info in the article than I at first imagined. Just gotta pick it out. . . . . Edit: Someone had actually attributed the Vacor claim to Cathy Runyan, but I just emailed her about it and she said no, those weren't the Vacors she saw at the factory. Darn it, I thought I had figured those out.

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I just had to pull a major edit. Doh. I thought I finally had those "cat's eyes" figured out.

Well, thanks everyone for playing! I got the Pelt answer I came for. I better quit before I'm too far behind.

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