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Stutsman's Marbles Sample Set


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I pulled this from my fathers collection to share with all of you.


I started doing some research today and it came up pretty quick at this link to Joe's Marbles. Oh well I cant seem to get the link to post, anyway it is the Page on Champion Agate by David Chamberlain.

I have all the marbles in the original sealed plastic bags except I am missing #CA 1 and #CA 20. In addition I also have several bags labeled CABP and a #.

Here are a few more pics.


Any additional info would be welcome.

Also, If someone has #1 and #20 I am interested.



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A Stutsman,is i believe Charles or Charlie Stutsman. He was a friend of David Chamberlain. I think Mr.Stutsman purchased marbles from Champion Agate,made up these sets and sold them. David may have helped make up the sets and also sell them. David would have all the exact information on these. I think one of these complete sets would be rare now. They would be a plus to anyone with interest in WV swirl type marbles.

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It is all very well explained in the article at Joe's Marbles. I dont know how to post a link, maybe someone can help?

Look under marble articles and scroll down to the one titled Champion Agate by David Chamberlain.


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