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Pretty Polished Handmades


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Winnie, I pulled these from a couple of hundred I found in a collection about a year ago. Most of them were beat beyond help. Among the ones that only had surface abrasions and hazing, and some minor dings, I thought these were interesting enough to have polished - even though they are standard size, many have nice cores and colors.

They weren't collectible when I found them, and they aren't collectible now, but they sure look nice in a little glass vase in the window. As for the pontils that were saved on a few, the polisher apparently knew what they were doing, and I'm very please with the results.

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Comment about the marble that still has it's pontil after the polishing process. Every once in awhile when I'm working on a set of marbles I run across a marble that only needs to be final polished (which removes no glass) to bring it back to a pin point shine. When this happens how do you describe the marble? Do you indicate that it has been polished, buffed, or indicate nothing or what? What are your thoughts along this line? Than there is the pontil that is slightly lower than the surface glass allowing me to remove damage, but not the pontil. The way a three headed machine works is by removing the high area's as it removes the damage. Generally the pontils start out as the high spots thus they are the first to go with a three headed machine. ----Leroy----

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