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Yo Hablo Espanol???

MC Marbles

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I contacted seller this is there response...

I really appreciate you taking the time to point out these things. Most marble people wouldn't. I always make it very clear to ebay buyers that I am only giving my best guess or opinion and to bid accordingly. I doubt that real marble experts even exist. Anyway, the transaction on the marble in question was voided. I still question the marble's idenity, I've never seen another like it anywhere. Oh, by the way, it was not a cooler in the basement (ha)- it was an antique dealer in a small town in MT. She also sold me a beautiful striped opaque, golden rebel and silver oxblood in the same group. Marbles where not her thing and she just wanted to unload them. I have so many marbles, I must have been crazy back then to collect so many

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