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Found With My Slags

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I have been putting a slag collection together and found this marble in with it.How do you like it?Size is 7/8" Looks NLR ,what a nice suprise.I have other NLR shooters but all are opaque ,this is my first transparent.I don't think there common,or maybe they are?What do you guys think?:)






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Slag collection looks like it's coming along nicely. The OP marble probably wouldn't fit in the the "slag" category. I think I see what you're seeing as far as a Pelt pattern or even a double ingot Akro, but my guess from the pics (and size) would be one of those Roosters (Vacor?)

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Nice slags. How did that mica get in the picture? Did it jump in there while your back was turned?

You guys are good,I thought it needed a little bit of sparkle and it helps to hold up the second level.These are mostly swirls and Master marbles etc.The third vertical row from the left are all opalescent.The middle three are Alley Ghost types (Thank you ID section)the three above are also but may be another maker?Anyway this is a fun box I've been putting together,enjoy:)





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