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A Couple Experiments,,,,,,,,,

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Pixie sticks,from Rick Hall's,Joker Gold Medals,


Here's one From Ed Parsons,Apple dumpling gang,run.Well,thats what Im calling it.

Larger,type of frit,,


Concentrating on application,Pretty,is secondary right now,,,,,,,


Okay, Gold Metal (Rick's listings)...Gold Medal. It seems unclear, but would guess the latter, unless a word play is happening on this run name.

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Crushing glass,pulling stringers,drilling holes in baseball bats today.Its good to have a shop on a rainy day.Of course I can say the same thing about my fishing poles,too!

Need to have an assistant to help make "golden drizzles".To qualify,you must have red beat stains on your shirt,,,,,,,

I kind of like the "Mud Guinea" name,and the pixie sticks,sprinkle is such a "manly" name,too!(might have to put the skirt on,during application)

Been brainstorming again,just need to sit down,and start making my ideas.It doesnt take long,once I got something on paper.

Glad to have the opportunity,,,,,,,,,

Here's another one I like,,,pink and gold sprinkles,


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