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Melted Antique German Handmade Marbles

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I have several similar lumps of melted marbles.


(I will try to post pics from Bert's description later)

Also have a 1978 postcard from the Chicago Historical Society depicting marbles melted in the Great Fire of 1871. (pic attached)

The marbles have no evidence of play wear, although they have lost their luster. They are better than your average marbles, with ground pontils, lots with mica, and there are many from the same cane. (I'm hoarding these to keep them out of SP's hands - we don't want anyone remelting them into unsigned playing marbles) (Just kidding!)

So I think they are the really what they are supposed to be, from a warehouse or store that sold them, and not purposely melted as a scam. Besides, they usually sell for much less than the marbles would have, unmelted.

Anyone have any solid additional information?

e.g. How could glass marbles avoid being melted into a puddle, in a fire that burns up practically everything else - i.e., How were they stored?

What did their container look like? etc.


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Years ago one of the boards members (Buddy) had set fire to a box from Bo Stiff. Thinking the box was empty after getting the marble Bo sent him. Bo later called asking if he liked his extra gift. Buddy went back to the ash pile and found the extra marble. Slightly disfigured.

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