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Marbles I Found At The Buckeye


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I am still trying to learn Photoshop because my old picture editing program stopped working. I'm not there yet, but still trying.



One of these is just a plain old white based corkscrew, but yellow is hard to find. The one on the right is a golden yellow cork on opalescent base glass.

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These did not come from the Buckeye. I bought them before I went and they arrived just in time for what would have been my 50th Wedding Anniversary. I bought myself a present. This is a Mike Gong Pittsburgh vortex.





And this one is a Mike Gong silver windowpane.



Thanks for looking!

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Mark, I guess I didn't know who you were. I think I met a couple of others from here also, but nobody said a word about the board. Wish they had cause I don't know real names that go with chat board names. I also ran into the folks who have the Indiana marble club. Weldon and I used to go to their shows, but it's been so long i didn't recognize them. (Beth told me I helped them with some ID's) Joseph sure had a good time and he wants to go to another one.

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