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Picked Up In Alma Ks Yesterday....

Jill Marie

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NO, sorry Edna, I had what one calls a brain fart.... :character-smileys-238: Yes, tracers are pelts....duh..Please forgive me while I go put my face in the corner....I think my signature goes well here...lol, but I think these are just rainbows...Unless someone else knows a special name for them?

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Jill, nice score, and the tracer name is associated with peltiers as Gino B from Ottawa giving them their name. From the photo i can see around 9 or 10 pelts in the group. The yellow and brown types are or fall into the woody family from what most say. There are a lot of examples of woody type pelts around in very many color variations. I think these are very nice and look great in a pelt collection. Chuck G--

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