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Great Finds In Madison

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I found some great marbles at the Badger Marble Show. starting in the upper right corner and going closckwise:

- Sulphide Eagle with a small animal in it's claws

- Sulphide that I think looks like a China Man.

- Laticino Swirl - about 1.75 in diameter - The Lat alternate White and Orange

- Laticino Swirl just over 2 inches - Looks end of cane. not all the outer ribbons reach the pontil

- Solid Core Swirl right at 2 1/8 inches - core had red, yellow, blue, white, and green. Each set of out ribbons has 6 bands, three white and three orange.

Too bad my picture taking isn't as good as the marbles.

Great time in Madison and got cheese at the big Farmers Market too - A Successful Trip!


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