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Your Prized Marble

Rylee Burch

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Ha glad you asked, my probly top ten would be sulphides,onionskin,lutz,chevron,christensen,akro agate,popeye,latticino,indian,stone agates. I am also VERY intersested in tht 40 year collection i would pay ANYTHING and trust me im serious just not over $7000.00 ha what about you what are your favorites you seem very nice i am pretty new to colecting but turns out iv been doing it since i was 5 who knew?

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Rylie, i have a hard time picking one favorite marble. I have a lot of favorites. i'm starting with my favorite Akro Agates. I expecially like the ones with black and another color. Akro Agate called them "specials". The green and black were the hardest to find.


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Edna, I don't know. I checked your code. It looks right. Well, one code looked like it had an error in it, but I added a prefix. The others looked right already. I tried to just look at the missing pictures directly in another screen, using their addresses like this:


But it's not working. Maybe something to do with the traffic on your server?

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