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Guineas Cyclones And Cobras Wediscount2

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I met Earl once at a Columbus show, only because I walked into his room and saw the best handmade collection I had ever seen and probably will never see again one like it. There were so many old 2+ inch handmades I thought at first the bed was layed out with contemporaries. Had a nice chat with him . Good memories.


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I find it hard to believe there were folks messing around making handmade marbles at a marble factory back in the day. The set ups that make gob feeders alone make it fairly improbable. And prototypes would have been run with the machines as they would have a completely different look as to what would be handmade. Just my opinion. I do think a lot of folks have messed around in more recent years trying to replicate the nice types of many machine mades. There are also some paperweight size guinea looking things that have garnered the story they were made at the CAC plant. Can't even believe that one a little bit. I did have and sell a messed up Lemonade Oxblood that was slightly over an inch but it was obviously machine made. I wonder what opinions folks that have spent a lot of time at marble manufacturers may have?

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