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Need Help With Handmades


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The cigar box yielded these handmades.

1. a sweet little peewee, a hair under 1/2".Don't know if this would be called solid core or ribbon core.post-2752-0-42627400-1331685083_thumb.jp

2. These two, both about 15/16", the green one has a large open (transparent ) area. What are these called?


3.No clue on this one.


It appears black with white and blue stripes, but when backlit, it is part transparent blue, part transparent magenta. I don't see pontils but there is something going on at one pole which I tried to photograph.


As always, thanks for your help, patience and encouragement.


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Sometimes Master and Akro brushed patches are really hard to distinguish (maybe even impossible), especially from pics. So I couldn't lean too hard one way or the other on that machine made, based on what I'm seeing. Although, having said that, I'm more used to seeing Akros with those kind of surface imperfections than Masters. FWIW

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