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Vitro Id Confirmation??

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These mibs were in the same group I posted on the 18th in Gen. Marbles and I'm just now getting to some of the other marbles I bought at that time. The Oxbloods and corkscrews in that group were easy to id but I got some strange (to me) marbles and I assigned these 3 groups to Vitro. The mibs at lower right are all plausible "Vs". The others are colors and combinations of colors that I haven't had before. The blue and yellow seems like a Vitro blue. The upper right corner is a green with light blue at the edges. 5/8 to 21/32

Are they Vitro- if so, where are they in the Vitro timeline?


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That's why I referred to my first post on the 18th. One big lot of marbles, loaded with Akro corks and oxblood. I'm not familiar enough with Akro to recognize other than the corks and oxblood. Rather than just a couple of similar mibs, this lot seemed to have groups of the same color and unless someone can identify one of these groups as newer, I'm in the dark.

I'd love to have any or all of these be Akro. I was just going by the colors and the "V"s.

Thanks for your help.


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