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Some Strange Marbles On Ebay


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This seller antontonino79 has some very strange marbles for sale on ebay.



Some of them look like very large transitional marbles. Not the leighton types from the USA, but the very old single gathered hand mades from Germany. Those marbles were made before the invention of the marble scissors.

Because a lot of the marbles he sell has much air bubbles, these marbles could be remelted. I understand that new air bubbles are formed when reheating old glass. I think Rich Santaclaus knows all about this.

This marble has a very strange pontil:


My oppinion most of the marbles he sells are remelted damaged marbles of some kind, but perhaps I am wrong.

Look forward to your reactions.


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It looks like the result of a blind man trying to repair old marbles on a torch. Talk about over-cooked......

you must be looking at different pics than me. having 20 yrs exp on a torch, im failing to see the tell tale signs. maybe you can provide some insight?

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