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Funked Up Handmade

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I recognize this as a single pontil marble cut off a broken cane. The clear jagged edge and uneven length colored threads were pressed back by the wood cup to form the marble's looping single pontil. Sometimes the second marble off that same came was distorted too but it had two pontils. Frequently they were rejected but are now being dug from the glass dumps near Lauscha. They are then cleaned up, doctored and sold to collectors.

Most are small - less than 3/4"- mainly Lats but I have seen Indians, Lutzes and a few Clams in this eye appealing style.

Twenty-five years ago they were quite rare and expensive but now not so much.

Big Indian

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This one is 13/16" and in no way doctored or dug. Just one that the person who was putting the sets together that day thought was nice enough to go out. Glad they did.

Since it's not an Akro it will be going on Ebay next Thursday.

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