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Any Cullet Collectors ?


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With the hundreds of glassworks in the USA that have been in business over the years saying whose cullet it is is something I would not do unless I knew it came from the ground at a certain location. I have seen Akro CAC and Peltier cullet that look almost exactly the same. I imagine there were doxzens of companies using near the same colors at different(or the same) times. I am not saying that there are not any distinct colors that were probably made by a limited amount of makers. I just wouldn't attempt it.

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Well Thanks Rich glad to see / hear you are at least at the computer . I did not think to turn on the black light but boy does it pop even in a bright room in the day light . no mater where or who now that it is so Fluorescent might try and get a few round ones out of it ?? But I wonder how it got to Menomonee Falls WI in a rummage sale ?? O wait I should say it was dug at the \\\ plant ?? make a marble and put it with a piece of the cullet . Mike






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JABO bought this cullet from the jobber. There are still piles of it at the old Champion Agate factory. I bought some in Arkansas. The cullet seller sold it everywhere to rock shops. That's where i got the first piece I bought and gave to a marble make in Missourir. I saw it last year in Tennessee at the place where the guys make marbles out of rocks and glass.This is Fenton Burmese glass. It is yellow and when reheated turns pink. The Fenton pieces were yellow and pink and they got that pink by hitting the areas they wanted pink with more heat. It's all over the US.

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Actually there have been many glass making companies in Wisconsin over the years. What I was trying to get across was the fact that there have been hundreds of glass companies in the US that few if any are familiar with the glass types they made. And that saying a piece of cullet is from a certain place because it looks similar to glass they have made is an awfully big assumption in my opinion.

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Thanks, Rich!

I think it's time I fess up here.

You've made a point of saying in your writings (and thanks for all of them, too!)

that "Glass will do what IT wants to do". I've always thought of this statement

as a kind 'caveat emptor' from someone who knows his material of choice

intimately and has great respect for it.

But there've been a few times late in the evening, when I've been in a 'meditational'

way, that things have gone beyond that and I've actually heard this piece of glass

tell me what it wants to do. And it wants to (re)produce some beautiful 'well-rounded'

babies. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you'd ever consider being a surrogate and

helping this glass achieve its dream, you're certainly its first choice, and we'd both

be grateful and honored. ( :

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I have attempted to have similar Oxblood cullet made into marbles by 2 different torch workers. It did not look like Oxblood after being torched. I would only have it done by grinding if I was to attempt having marbles made from it again. Maybe Rich can do it, but remelting Oxblood tends to turn it into a nondescript brownish glass.

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Hey Galen!

Thanks for the warning.

Don't know much, if anything, about re-melting glass.

Personally, as much as I enjoy the marbles themselves, I've always been most

interested in trying to achieve really great photos of them. (Mixed success!)

After that, I'm happy to keep them but even happier to give them away to

anyone who'd be truly thrilled to get them. So in this case I have the great

shots of the cullet, and think it's worth the risk to see if something awesome might happen. ( :

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(Sorry if this comes through twice. Something wasn't working right.)

Holy cow, Alan!

I'll just put in my two cents on a few for now.

The 'spaghetti brain' is outrageous and terrific.

Think I might have one of the same glass as your red and mustard yellow.

Beautiful colors.

But mine's a little rough overall. Yours has a wonderful combination of the

overall smooth texture with the 'patch' of spaghetti.

(Yes! I said it out loud! In the world of cullet, a 'patch' can be defined by texture!)

And your favorite. I guess mine, too. Unbelievable psychedelic colors which

would be enough by themselves, but it has gold and diamonds in it too! Nice. ( :

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