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Mk Dragonflies And More


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This weekend I was up in Minnesota for a wedding and found a second MK Dragonfly. The first one I found has several as made blow outs, but still, I havent seen another one at a show for sale. I wasnt really a MK collector, but I keep finding nice ones, and so it starts lol... This one was sitting in a $20 jar right up against the glass with other Mk bumblebees etc. I am not sure of the rarity of these (as in 10k bumblebees per 1 dragonfly), but I know they are the hardest to find not dug or blended(crisp ribbons no white). Maybe someone can expand on this. And some other Mk I have come across





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"...and so it starts lol..."

Besides liking the great marbles, I especially liked this line from your note.

You know you're in trouble, but whatchagonna do?

Maybe one or two other people here have had a similar sudden realization? ( :

When it's happened to me, it's always been a James Earl Jones-like voice.


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