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For the collector that cant pay the 1200 up for a 3/4" GR in mint, this was a good buy. They may never have gotten the chance to get a GR of that size in their collection. GR in that size rarely come up for auction. The Pattern and size is what sold it. I would compare the results of a comparable 3/4" 1200 CAC flame or a 1200 faceted pontil Greiner in non mint going for the same. You will over look it being non mint for the chance to add to your collection.

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Not a remelt, the ribbons were just a lot thinner than you usually see on a golden rebel. The surface was immaculant besides the small missing glass. And like mibs indicated.....the missing glass may not have been from impact...possibly as-made but even under magnification i could not make the distinction.

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