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These Were Bo Stiffs Marbles


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Item number:


This is one of if not the most rare finds as a collector you will come across. This beautiful set is full in tact with mini marbles, mini bag, and original box. All marbles are in tact and in beautiful condition. The marbles are 3 different sizes: 1/4" (4 of them), 3/16" (8 of them), and 1/8" 12

of them. 24 in all. The dime is used in the pictures for scale. Popeye the Sailor saying "Arf! I use to be th' Bes blasted marble shooter in th' country But we didn't hav" purty marbles like them." Wimpy answering "Quite a fascinating game isn't it?" While Olive Oil and sweet'pea play marbles. This is a beautiful set to complete a collection. Winning bidder will incur all insurance, and shipping costs if not locally picked up






Vintage sulphide goat marble. Beautiful condition. marble is absolutely gorgeous. I am not a professional marble grader so use pictures. Immediate payment required.


Add this extremely rare (maybe one of a kind) beautiful Pink Volcano sulphide to your collection. Marble is in excellent shape. I am not a professional marble grader so use pictures. My camera could not even capture the pure beauty of this marble. Approximately 1.25" in diameter. Notice the ladybug like appearance on the other side. This is a must have for any avid collector.



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I believe that several of us communicated with the Phoenix police department last year. The case number I was given at the time was #612902. I sent a note to the officer I was in contact with, giving him a link to that auction and this thread.

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