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Ebay Banned Bidder


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Any thoughts as to why ebay sellers would ban perspective buyers? This has happened to me several times. Inquiry to the seller goes unanswered. All the sellers have previously sold to me; with no problems; and all positive feedback. I don't get it!

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Ive banned about 20 people in 14 years on Ebay,

Here are some reasons:

Never paid.

Took way to long to pay.

Tried to take advantage of me.

Left me poor unjustified feedback.

Screwed over fellow board members.

Just gave me way to much grief.

Being a Jerk & starting their own marble board after being kicked off this one & others (KR) :rolleye-842:

It could be a long list....LOL

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I'm with ya mark...you forgot the 'I realized I paid to much for it so now i have to make up a lame excuse to return it... after I have had it awhile'. Followed of course by the obvious.. 'Ya caint fix stupid'

dunno ausman, you have always been a good buyer with me! No.... galen blocked?... you're kiddin right?

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Maybe it's because the seller who blocked you is friends with another seller who you have left some rather lukewarm feedback for in the past couple years (tho not recently), and I'm not questioning the justifiability of the feedback you left...but with some sellers, the truth just doesn't go over well at all.

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