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Marble King Article


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Like it.

Also really liked the Marble King you showed not too long ago that had

what I'd call an 'oxblood patch'. Only seen a few of those, but never

with the multiple colors. Any idea when they were making these? Thanks.

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Ric had it right.

Really wish I'd been in a position to bid on that one.

(But still happy for Edna!)

The other marble I remember seeing somewhere a long time ago

was (I think) described as a 'Spiderman' or something similar. It

had the same oxblood 'patch' on a deep sky-blue base. Other

Marble Kings I'd seen with the same name had the same overall

color scheme, but didn't have the extra nice oxblood. I assumed

the fancy ones were older, but don't really know. That's why I'm

curious about the time-frame of the Duffy/Edna marble.

Thanks in advance and everyone have

a great second half of the weekend, Bob ( :

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