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Nlr Or Rainbo

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So far I've received mixed opinions whether this Is a NLR or a Rainbo?.....The marble measures 5/8" has colors of a MK Dragonfly.......I would like to ask of your opinions before I list it.....NLR or Rainbo?.......Is it because of the colors, the ribbon count or the ribbon configuration? and why?





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Rainbo feel to me.

Not based on ribbon count. Or mostly not on ribbon count. There are 4-ribbon NLR's.

In the pix the ribbons just sorta seem like they would fit more with rainbos - in the texture and in how they meet. Agree with Dave that the base also seems more rainbo-y.

Have you ever run across that color combo before?! What does BT have to say about it?

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I vote Rainbow as well.

via 'marblealan.com'

Peltier Rainbos, the descendants of the National Line Rainbos, appear to have been first manufactured in the late 1930s and throughout the following decade. Composed of less brilliant glass, they were probably a response to a declining marble market and a need to reduce production costs. Like their predecessors, these marbles have two seams. They may have a base glass that is either opaque or transparent, and usually one or two ribbons that encircle the marble, usually near the center. Unlike on the National Line Rainbos, the ribbons on Rainbos often go into the base glass, whereas on the former they lie on and perhaps just underneath the surface.

National Line Rainbos, which were produced as early as the late 1920s and up to the late 1930s. All National Line Rainbos will exhibit two seams, which differentiates them from the earlier Miller swirls. Most have an opaque base, though some are semi-opaque or translucent. The design will consist of "ribbons" of opaque to transparent color. There will be one or more colors represented on the ribbons, and usually there will be four or six ribbons present.

Nice marble...All the one's I've owned always had a hairline when backlit....

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