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Sammy's Mountain Marbles Buddy Spring Edition

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My marbles are boxed up and being brought by auto from WV to Texas. Joseph and I are flying home and couldn't leave the marbles behind without bringing a hand full home in my purse. I reached in and grabbed one hand full. Nothing picked - just the grab of a hand. These are the best of the Marble Buddys 3 runs. David McCullough and Sammy Hogue just get better with each run. David Griffie gets better and more inventive with each run. I'll have more to show after the marbles get to Texas and get sorted. I can then show you the best of the best. These are just what i grabbed in one hand full.


Lutz frit


Colored frit and a little lutz frit


Lutz mist


Lutz ribbon Frit egg

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Griff, Joseph, and Linda did the sprinkling. Linda shared these pics with me.


Linda took this pic near the end of the run. The temp had dropped and I stood close to the tank to get warm. Didn't realize my face was really pink or nearly red.


Griff taught Joseph how to sprinkle and Joseph had a great time at the run. He had been wanting to watch a "real" marble run (not industrials) for 6 years. David McCullough made that possible and Griff made Joseph a worker at the run.

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Joseph was a real trooper on the line,tending the rollers.Did a great job on the sprinkles too!I think I might be related to him.He has my smirky smile!--LOL

Welcome to the red face club,Edna!Some times,I look like Ive been welding all day,without a shield.

A big AMEN,to what Ron said.Its something that no amount of money can buy.

I just got home,last night,but the "marble wheels" in my noggen are still rollin!

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