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Marble Buddies Spring Edition, Sammy's Mountain Marbles

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I used jewelry boxes for the marbles. I put pictures from the run on the box top.


I also kept 3 of the wooden boxes filled with keepers. I take the marble holders out and use the whole box to hold more marbles.


The picture is my grandson, Joseph. He went to the run on his spring break. That's David Griffie in the pic too. Griff invented the tool that Joseph is using to sprinkle lutz on the marbles, and he taught Joseph how to sprinkle.

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I mailed out about 15 boxes to friends. Getting great feedback on them. Five more boxes going out soon and I'm out of this run. We are running again May 7th. Going to make more pinks and purples I was told. They sure make pretty marbles.

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What a great group!

Really like the superman colors, and surprised how terrific

those pink and purples are. Wouldn't expect to like them so much.

And all the others are impressive too. No weak spots in this run! ( :

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It looks like "Pixie Dust", a micro-fine powdered and colorized mica product, that torch workers, especially bead makers, use to get a metallic luster or pearlescence to their glass items. It is made in different shades of copper, bronze, silver and gold plus several reduction colors, lusters, sparkles, and hi-light colors. The pearlescent colors create an effect similar to Peltier's pearlescent patches.

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