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Hamon Family Art Deco Marble

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This is the only marble I had left from the large batch I bought from Robert Brown. Steph started me on the right path to find it's maker and Sissydear gave me the real name makers family name and family roots. Marblebert has one on ebay and says the Circa: is 1920's, I'm not sure but I think more in line of the 40's thru 60's. Real unusual design with a soapstone feel to it. The Hamons were West Virginia glass artists and probably early pioneers into the marble making business as well. Scott Patrick says Mr. Hamon taught Robert Brown how to make the China marbles and Robert Brown probably helped Tom Thornburg develop his China making skills. post-299-0-75290400-1365015946_thumb.jpgpost-299-0-17453200-1365015964_thumb.jpg

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I have never seen a Robert Hamon marble that looked like this. I don't think he made marbles in the 40's. He was in the service and came back after WWII. The family moved from Oklahoma back to Scott Depot at Robert Hamon's request. They had a family business and did production work until Bob opened his Glass Studio in the late 80's. I think you shoud consult with his brother in law Sonny Miller on this marble. He will know if Bob ever made this type for sure. I would not buy that marble as a Hamon unless Sonny identified it and vouched for it's authenticity and I don't turn down Hamon marbles.

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